Aliphatic polycaprolactone-based Thermoplastic Polyurethane

Product Description:
KRYSTALGRAN® PN03-221 is a polycaprolactone-based Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU) for extrusion applications. Key features are UV resistance, abrasion resistance, self-healing, cut and scratch resistance and good low temperature performance.
Film and sheet and surface protective films.


5/29/2020 (Magnus)-Update TDS with 3 most recent lots. 4/6/2020 (Zarif)-Fix TDS to update recent lots (2013 onwards data) have better physicals than lots produce from 2009 to 2012. Please refer commercial product database. Also simplified TDS to be shared with new customers. Changes also made on PN03-214 (since alias product)
Properties Key NORM Value Unit
Hardness (after 3 sec.) M ASTM D 2240 85 Shore A
Density M ASTM D 792 1.15 g/cm³
Tensile strength E ASTM D 412 7700 psi
Elongation @ break E ASTM D 412 400 %
Tensile stress @ 50% elongation E ASTM D 412 580 psi
Tensile stress @ 100% elongation E ASTM D 412 910 psi
Tensile stress @ 300% elongation E ASTM D 412 4800 psi
Tear strength E ASTM D 624 400 pli
Softening range low E Huntsman TMA 82 °C
Softening range high E Huntsman TMA 111 °C
  • M = Injection molded parts to meet DIN & ASTM requirements. Parts at room temperature aged prior to testing.

  • E = Extruded film cut to ASTM requirements. Parts at room temperature aged prior to testing.

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