Aliphatic polyether-based Thermoplastic Polyurethane

Product Description:
KRYSTALFLEX® PE501 is a polyether-based Themoplastic Polyurethane (TPU) film for glass lamination applications. Key features are excellent hydrolysis and microbial resistance, UV resistance, good low temperature performance, excellent laminated transparency and contains an adhesion promoter.
Ballistic / blast / intrusion protection, retail kiosks, hurricane / vandal glazing and zoos.


02/10/2023 - Lidina - Updating physical properties only, due to some differences noticed by customer. 02/27/2023 - Lidina - Updating the processing conditions in order to reflect the Derry lamination conditions.
Properties Key NORM Value Unit
Hardness (after 3 sec.) M ASTM D 2240 94 Shore A
Hardness (after 3 sec.) M ASTM D 2240 53 Shore D
Density M ASTM D 792 1.10 g/cm³
Tensile strength E ASTM D 412 7670 psi
Elongation @ break E ASTM D 412 380 %
Tensile stress @ 50% elongation E ASTM D 412 1060 psi
Tensile stress @ 100% elongation E ASTM D 412 1280 psi
Tensile stress @ 300% elongation E ASTM D 412 4380 psi
Tear strength E ASTM D 624 440 pli
Flexural modulus @ 23°C M ASTM D 790 2290 psi
Flexural modulus @ -29°C M ASTM D 790 165810 psi
Softening range low E Huntsman TMA 86 °C
Softening range high E Huntsman TMA 123 °C
Glass transition temperature (DMA) E ASTM D 5026 -58 °C
Vicat softening point VST/A120 M ASTM D 1525 45 °C
  • M = Injection molded parts to meet DIN & ASTM requirements. Parts at room temperature aged prior to testing.

  • E = Extruded film cut to ASTM requirements. Parts at room temperature aged prior to testing.

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