IROGRAN® A 60 E 6038

Polyester-based Thermoplastic Polyurethane

Product Description:
IROGRAN® A 60 E 6038 is a polyester-based Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU) for extrusion applications. Key features are plasticizer-free, improved UV stability, hydrolytically stabilized, low hardness and modulus, excellent multilayer bonding, high elasticity and high recovery.
Thin wall extrusion profiles, textile lamination, calendering applications, adhesive films and film and sheet.


draft by Hanson at Oct 2020 DP removed at Feb 2022 March 14th 2024 (Lidina) - Updating the ASTM data and processing parameters to reflect in the TDS Per Tech Service request.
Properties Key NORM Value Unit
Hardness (after 3 sec.) M ISO 7619 60 Shore A
Density M ISO 1183-1 1.14 g/cm³
Tensile strength M DIN 53504 15 MPa
Elongation @ break M DIN 53504 1000 %
Tensile stress @ 50% elongation M DIN 53504 1.4 MPa
Tensile stress @ 100% elongation M DIN 53504 1.9 MPa
Tensile stress @ 300% elongation M DIN 53504 3.6 MPa
Tear strength M ISO 34-1 35 N/mm
Softening range low E Huntsman TMA 105 °C
Softening range high E Huntsman TMA 135 °C
  • M = Injection molded parts to meet DIN & ASTM requirements. Parts tempered for 20 hrs @ 100 °C prior to testing

  • E = Extruded film cut to ASTM requirements. Parts at room temperature aged prior to testing.

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